Innovation Leadership Programme

Innovation Leadership Programme

The BCIMO is excited to launch its new Innovation Leadership Programme under its Innovative Thinking Theme:

Innovate or Die!
Business Leaders who continue to follow the incremental process of conventional business thinking are at risk.  For businesses to succeed or even survive in today’s ever-increasing pace of change, Business Leaders MUST seize the moment NOW, and look, think, and act differently!

We are looking for 15 CURIOUS and DETERMINED business leaders (large & small organisations), who are searching for an innovation leadership programme with a difference, to join our Innovation Leadership Programme!

Our programme, delivered in partnership with Ideas Centre Group and Verdo, will take you on a journey unlike any other leadership programme. It will challenge your embedded thinking and help you to unleash the power of creativity and drive the innovation process with a transformed mindset.

Firstly, we will help you to understand why you unconsciously think and make the decisions you do; then provide the creative learning techniques to re-programme your thinking, enabling you to lead creatively and drive the innovation process at an exhilarating pace!

You will hear from highly experienced and motivational speakers who will help you to explore techniques that will challenge, provide and stretch your mind, interleaved with practical coaching sessions to help you drive innovation across your organisations.

Express your interest to join our first cohort from April 2022. The programme will require 8 half days of your time over a four-month period. Don’t miss out on an opportunity which will transform your leadership thinking and provide you with a leading-edge mindset in a world of transformational change!

Programme Agenda

Session 1  Dr David Hall – Think Again! The Strategic Role of Creativity (Key Speaker Session Wednesday 27th April 9:30-12:30pm)

Session 2 Bankie Williams – What is ‘leading innovation’? (Leadership Coaching Session Wednesday 4th May 9:30-12:30pm)

Session 3 – Heather Wright – Understanding why people behave the way they do and how to change it! (Key Speaker Session Wednesday 18th May 9:30 – 12:30pm)

Session 4 – Bankie Williams -Are you an Agent of Change?
(Leadership Coaching Session Wednesday 25th May 9:30 – 12:30pm)

Session 5 – Dr Dave Hall – Creativity Techniques Workshop (Key Speaker Session Wednesday 8th June 9:30-12:30pm)

Session 6  Bankie Williams – Feedback
(Leadership Coaching Session Wednesday 15th June 9:30 – 12:30pm)

Session 7 – Heather Wright – How to practically apply and sustain needed behavioural change (Key Speaker SessionWednesday 29th June 2022 9:30-12:30pm)

Session 8  Bankie Williams – “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together” – African proverb (Leadership Coaching Session Wednesday 6th July 2022 9:30-12:30pm)

Programme Prices

Large Organisations and SMEs outside the Black Country perimeter £1,200

SMEs in the Black Country can access a discount to reduce the price to £800 (SME EU SME definition discounted through the BCIMO business support programme)

Be the future of the Black Country.

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